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A 14 day two step approach is taken with our caffeine free detox tea. Firstly the liver and kidneys gain the support they need to more effectively cleanse the body. If they are not functioning correctly, other cleansing may go to waste, which we feel is a factor missing form many detox teas! Burdock root then helps to cleanse the blood, cleans up the bowels with the aid of Senna, with everything being topped off with Chaga Mushroom which is currently one of the worlds leading superfoods.

Please take a two weeks on and two weeks off approach with this tea, twice a day.

Benefits of this detox blend

This blend creation contains carefully selected ingredients for very specific purposes, without any fillers for taste or unnecessary ingredients. All ingredients have scientific backing in regards to their effect.

The Kidneys and Liver are strengthened, allowing for more effective cleansing.


  • Chaga Mushroom – An all around amazing superfood.
  • Dandelion Root Roasted – Liver health
  • Rooibos – Reduce inflammation, the root cause of many body illness.
  • Senna – Bowel cleansing and laxative
  • Burdock Root – Kidney health, Bowel health, Blood cleansing
  • Turmeric – Another anti-inflammatory with a range of benefits
  • Ginger – Stimulating, energizing, with many medicinal properties
  • Pepper – Activates the turmeric

Brewing & Care

Steeping a tablespoon (not heaped, just mid sized) for 3-4 minutes is best for this tea, with water at a near boil.

Do not drink more than two weeks at a time due to the Senna contained within. Those with IBS should not consume due to burdock root.

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