Organic Moringa Leaf 40g


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Organic Rolled Moringa leaf is one of mother nature’s most nutrient-rich superfoods, the Moringa Leaf is an all-in-one wellness cocktail. Contained in these tiny organic green leaves are more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium and B2 than bananas. Not only this, but Moringa Leaf is high in calcium, fibre and protein (more then you’ll find in your morning milk and oats to name a few) – aiding you in bone and general immune and digestive health. Other health benefits of this power plant include anti-aging, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties as well as functions as a mood stabilizer, liver detoxifier, and strong wound healer. Moringa tea has a grassy-sweet bite that will keep you coming back for another sip. Try it out with a pinch of dried ginger for an unforgettable Ayurvedic afternoon treat.

Origin: India.

Ingredients: Organic Moringa Leaf.

Serving suggestion: Brew 1 teaspoon per cup of freshly boiled water. Steep for 5 minutes.


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