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3-day fast

Spring is great time for detox and clean your body after winter. 3-day fast is great option when you want to reset your body and clean out damaged cells in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells.
What is 3 day fasting? You are only allowed to drink water for 3 days. There is no food, no tea, no coffee, no alcohol, no bone broth and no juices allowed when you do 3-day fasting. Only drink plenty of water.
3-day fasting can help you boosts hormone production, boosts metabolism, reduce Inflammation, lose weigh, improve heart health (increase the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol and reduce triglycerides, lower blood pressure), regulates blood sugar levels, lower the risk of chronic diseases.
But 3-day fast is not everyone, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people who have health conditions such as diabetes and people with heart problems shouldn’t fast. Fasting should be done before you start trying to conceive.
There are also side effects of fasting such as dizziness, fatigue, weakness, muscle aches, headaches, low blood sugar, dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of water during fasting. If you feel the long fasting is not right for you or you experience symptoms as dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness, vomiting, chest pain or diarrhea stop immediately. 3- day fasting is also not right for you when your goal is only loose weight. There is plenty of diets which are more suitable. If you haven’t done longer fasting before, start with shorter for example 1-day fasting or detox diet which you can find in my previous post.
You should prepare before you start with fasting and eat only light and healthy food for 3 days.
We don’t recommend eat big meal directly after your fasting finished. Start slowly with small meals, such as smoothie, fruit, vegetable salad, bone broth and slowly introduce regular food. Eating big meal directly after 3-day fasting could lead to stomach ache, discomfort, nausea or refeeding syndrome.
We recommend chose days when you don’t have any commitments and you can just relax as energy levels might be low. Also try not to exercise or stick to light exercise, such as walking or yoga. Meditation will be also great for you during fasting.
If you thing fasting would be to hard for you, try our detoxing tea or detoxing liquid.

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