The Green Medic Castor Oil Application Pack Neck and Waist – Black


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Castor Oil  2 piece Application Pack –  1 x thyroid/neck and 1 x waist

For use with application of Hexane Free Organic Castor oil to assist with detoxification

  • Bamboo insert for soft layer against skin, (add your organic hexane free cold pressed castor oil onto this layer)
  • Synthetic outer layer to protect clothing and bedding from oil
  • Simply place approx 1 tablespoon of oil onto the bamboo layer and place against skin area for 20-30 mins per day and relax!
  • Zippered pocket for inserting heat pack or cold pack
  • Elastic straps so will adjust to fit any size
  • Reusable & No mess throw into the wash after use

Click on the link below to find out more about castor oil pack and why is castor oil beneficial for fertility.

Castor Oil Pack


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