Zhonghan Moxa Sticks (Herbal Moxibustion) 54 pcs


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Zhonghan Moxa Sticks are made of wild mugwort leaves as the main raw material after being placed, purified, rolled with cotton paper, cut and then packaged as moxa sticks.

Specification of moxa rolls: 18mm x 27mm

Moxibustion benefits: The wormwood leaves are bitter, warm, ripe and hot. The nature of pure yang can restore the dead yang, clear the twelve meridians, pass the tree yin meridians, regulate the qi and blood, expel cold and dampness, warm the uterus, stop the blood, warm the heart, open the depression, regulate the menstruations and pacify the fetus. With wormwood fire, it can penetrate the meridians and eliminate all diseases.

Moxa ratio: 30:1

54 pieces/box

Suitable for: Sub-healthy people with pain in neck, shoulder, waist, knee, and other joints.

Use direction: Light the moxa stick, and aim it at the acupoints for fumigation and burning. To warm and comfortable, skin flushing is appropriate. Moxibustion time is generally no less than 30 minutes. 1-2 times a day.


During moxibustion operate carefully, pay attention to the temperature, and prevent skin from burning.

Moxibustion is not suitable in case of drunkenness, rage, shock, fear, overwork and satiety.

People with skin allergy to wormwood leaves should avoid to using moxa sticks.

Pregnant women, lactating women and infants should use with caution.


Item Type: Moxa Cone

Storage Conditions: Dry and ventilated

Brand: Henan Heqing Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



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